How to get Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badges 2022

The 2022 Steam Summer Sale strikes all the usual beats of previous sales — ridiculous discounts, the chance to earn trading cards, and construct event-specific badges — but there are a few noteworthy variations this time around as well. One such distinction is the appearance of time-traveling trickster Clorthax, who is on a mission to sell you some secret and (supposedly) immensely popular games from the far future.

How to get Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge on Steam

How to get Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badges 2022

The Clorthax’s Paradox Party Badge is an exclusive badge part of the Steam 2022 Summer Sale and can be acquired by taking part in Clorthax’s Summer Sale Quest, where they send players various clues, each related to a different title. You can get the badge by solving the first clue. To help you get the badge as soon as possible, here are the answers to all the clues part of the Steam Summer Sale.

After getting the badge, you will be able to level it up by continuing the quest and solving the following challenges. In total, it seems players will be given 10 different clues during the event, each regarding a different title.

How to Start the Clorthax Summer Sale Quest

You can start the Clorthax Summer Sale Quest by going to the Steam Store’s main page and then clicking on the large banner featuring the message ”FREE FUN THIS WAY”. Once you click on it, you just need to head to the bottom of the page and click on the Click Me option to receive your first clue.

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The 2022 edition of the Steam Summer Sale is set to run from June 23, 2022, to July 7th, 2022.

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