How To Get Gold Fast In Clash Royale?

How To Get Gold Fast In Clash Royale?

Clash Royale, developed and published by Supercell, is a mobile strategy game that is a spin-off of the popular Clash Of Clans. In this game, players collect cards and use them to create powerful decks to defeat their opponents. With the rise of mobile gaming, it is no surprise that Clash Royale has gained a large following.

Players have the ability to choose from 107 different cards, each with its own distinct advantages and disadvantages, and must strategically use their in-game coins to upgrade the best cards. While progress in the game may seem slow, there are various methods to increase coin earnings in Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale, Gold is a crucial resource as it allows players to upgrade their cards in the Battle Deck. Gold can be acquired through victory in matches, opening chests, or buying large amounts of it from the Shop using Gems. Without adequate Gold, players are unable to improve or acquire new cards from the Shop.

To accumulate Gold quickly and save for new cards and upgrades, follow these daily steps for a faster path to a stronger deck in battles.

All the Ways of Earning Coins in Clash Royale

1. Level Up King

How To Get Gold Fast In Clash Royale?

Leveling up King in Clash Royale refers to increasing the player level. In the game, the player level is determined by the number of Trophies, which are earned by winning matches and lost by losing matches. The higher the player’s level, the more rewards they receive and the more cards they can unlock. There are various ways to level up the King in Clash Royale, such as participating in battles regularly, winning matches, and collecting Trophies.

2. Opening Chests

How To Get Gold Fast In Clash Royale?

In Clash Royale, chests are rewards that players can earn by winning battles. They contain cards, gold, and gems. There are several types of chests available in the game, including Crown Chests, Free Chests, Silver Chests, Golden Chests, and Giant Chests, among others. The frequency of obtaining these chests and the contents they offer vary. Players can open one chest at a time and must wait for a certain amount of time before opening another. Additionally, players can purchase gems to speed up the chest unlocking process.

3. Play Clan Wars Every Day

How To Get Gold Fast In Clash Royale?

Playing Clan Wars every day is one way to earn rewards in Clash Royale. Clan Wars is a feature in the game where players can compete against other clans to earn rewards such as gold, cards, and gems. By participating in Clan Wars daily, players can increase their chances of earning these rewards and upgrading their deck.

4. Donate Cards to Your Clan

How To Get Gold Fast In Clash Royale?

When you’ve joined a Clan, you can donate Cards to Clanmates, which rewards you with:

  • Common Card: 1 XP, 1 Star Point, and 5 Gold.
  • Rare Card: 10 XP, 10 Star Points, and 50 Gold.
  • Epic Card: 10 XP, 10 Star Points, and 500 Gold.

Once you reach Arena Level 10 or 11, you’ll always have more Cards than you know what to do with, and you’ll never have enough Gold to upgrade them anyway. At this point, being generous benefits both parties since you can obtain Gold Coins fast by donating, and your Clash Royale Clanmates can get the Cards they need.

With this in mind, in theory, you could gain 10,650 Clash Royale Gold Coins every week fast from filling up the Daily Donation Limit with 8 Rares, 160 Commons donates, and 5 Epic cards every Sunday.


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