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Roblox Training Simulator Codes (February 2023)

Here’s a list of Roblox Training Simulator Codes that you can check out for rewards such as free Energy and Gems. While you can certainly earn these by playing the game normally – by redeeming codes, you can earn more than 50K energy and 10k gems in an instant. Let’s take a look at all the working codes available right now.

All Training Simulator Codes

  • weight430 – Free Strength & Crystals (NEW)
  • 420muscles – Free Strength & Crystals
  • weight380 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 360ktriceps – Free Strength & Crystals
  • lift340k – Free Strength & Crystals
  • fitness330 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • weight310 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 300muscles – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 290ktriceps – 700 Strength & 300 Crystals
  • fitness280 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • lift270k – Free Strength & Crystals
  • weight260 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 250muscles – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 240ktriceps – Free Strength & Crystals
  • fitness230 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • weight210 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 190ktriceps – Free Strength & Crystals
  • fitness160 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • weight140 – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 100muscles – Free Strength & Crystals
  • lift60k – Free Strength & Crystals
  • 40muscles – Free Strength & Crystals
  • lavarise3 – Lava Hound Pet
  • fitness30 – 700 Strength & 300 Crystals
  • 20ktriceps – 300 Strength & 140 Crystals
  • lift10k – Free Rewards
  • lift – Free Rewards
  • RELEASEDAY – Evil Angel Pet

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Expired Codes

This is where we will add all the codes that used to work, but no longer does:

  • 80KLIKES – Redeem this code to get +2 Gems Boost
  • 15MVISITS – Redeem this code to get +1 Luck Boost
  • 65KLIKES – Redeem this code to get x2 Energy Boost for 15 minutes
  • 43KLIKES – Redeem this code to get 850K Gems
  • Vagner – Redeem this code to get 280K Gems
  • Derpy – Redeem this code to get 425K Gems
  • DigitoGTS – Redeem this code to get +1 Luck Boost
  • 12MVISITS – Redeem this code to get +1 Luck Boost
  • 8MVISITS – Redeem this code to get 200k Gems
  • Digito – Redeem this code to get a Boost & Energy
  • Derp – Redeem this code to get 250k Energy
  • VagnerGames – Redeem this code to get 200k Gems
  • Drydus – Redeem this code to get 425k Gems
  • 350LIKES – Redeem this code to get 50 Gems
  • Release – Redeem this code to get 80 Energy
  • 3MVISITS — Redeem this code to get 10K Gems
  • 13KFAVS — Redeem this code to get 50K Energy
  • 8KLIKES — Redeem this code to get 10K Energy

How to Redeem Codes in Gym Training Simulator?

how to redeem Gym Training Simulator Codes

The steps to redeem codes in this game are easy – all you have to do is launch the game and click on the Envelope icon on the left side of the screen. A new CODES window will appear. Type your code in the “Put the Code here” section and hit Redeem. You will get your rewards immediately.

How to Get New Codes?

The developers are the ones who release new codes via their social media channels and we will collect them for you. Make sure to bookmark this page for the latest updates. If you are on Discord, join the community to know more.

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Want more codes? We have got you covered.

Written by Travis Nash

Travis is a tech and games enthusiast who loves to explore new releases, both in the world of gaming and technology. He manages many of our code lists here on Streakex to ensure they are up to date.

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