All Roblox Bedwars Commands (February 2023)

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Bedwars is a game on Roblox that is similar to Minecraft. The goal of the game is to eliminate all the beds belonging to the opposing team. Players participate in teams in this game. One of the standout features of Bedwars is the option for custom matches, which can lead to more fair and balanced teams. In this article, we will discuss all the commands available in Bedwars for Roblox and how to use them.

Team Generator Roblox Bedwars Command 2023

All Roblox Bedwars Commands (February 2023)
Command SyntaxDescription
/announce MessageProvides a notification message to all players. Replace the Message with what you did like to actually announce.
/blacklistitem Item NamePrevents said item from being actually used in the game custom match. Replace “ItemName” with the “item” that you want to easily remove. Also, items with two or more words must be separated with underscores.
/cohost allProvides all gamers co-host permissions and access to the complete host panel.
/kick UserNameChange “UserName” with the “username” of the gamer you did like to kick from the in-game match. Must enter the player’s username and not their actual Display Name.
/disablekit KitNameDisables the in-game said kit from being utilized in the custom match. Replace “KitName” with the “kit” that you actually want to remove.
/disaster DisasterNameSpawns the predetermined in-game disaster. Replace “DisasterName” with the “disaster” you did like to spawn.
/enchant EnchantmentName_LevelAffects the Enchantment listed in the game command. Replace “EnchantmentName” with the “enchantment” and replace “Level” with the “enchantment level” you did like to apply.
/luckyairdropForces an in-game airdrop of one to ten Lucky Blocks in a random area on the game map. Lucky Blocks contain rare weapons/loot.
/setDeathmatchTime XXCalculates the time until the death match countdown starts.
Replace “XX” with the number of seconds to actually wait before the deathmatch timer begins.
/setGeneratorMultiplier XXProvides the multiplier spawn rate for in-game resource generators.
Replace “XX” with a number above zero to set the in-game spawn rate. They actually lower the number, the quickest it spawns! (.00001 makes the spawn even quicker than 1000)
/give @PlayerName | @all | @team:TeamColor ItemName AmountProvides the selected gamers with some specified selected item. Replace “PlayerName” or “TeamColor” with the name of the gamer or the color of the team that will actually receive the item. Replace “ItemName” and “Amount” with the “item” and “amount” to give the selected gamers.
/sethealthgreen Player RegenAmountChanges a gamer’s self-regen healing rate. You should replace “Player” with the name of the “player” to change, and replace “RegenAmount” with the “healing rate”.
/spawn ItemName AmountSpawns an in-game item of your own choice. Replace “ItemName” with the “name of the item” and replace Amount with how much of that item you really want.
/togglespawn Name true/falseToggles the spawning of the selected item. Replace Name with whatever you did like to spawn, then type true if you really want to enable spawning and false if you did like to disable spawning of that in-game item.
/tp allTeleports all gamers to a point on the map.
/tp UserNameTeleports you to another gamer. Change “UserName” with the user to whom you did really like to teleport.
/tpbed Color_bedTeleports you to an in-game team bed. Change “Color” with the color of the bed to which you actually want to teleport.

Chat Commands

Team Generator Roblox Bedwars Command
Team Generator Roblox Bedwars Command

/hub – Actually returns you to the BedWars Hub Roblox, where you can join different purchase kits, and games, and start an amazing new custom game. If you are currently in the hub, you will be quickly teleported to the latest server.

Enchantments Commands

  • /enchant fire_3
  • /enchant plunder_2
  • /enchant static_2
  • /enchant static_1
  • /enchant shield_gen_3
  • /enchant shield_gen_2
  • /enchant execute_3
  • /enchant life_steal_2
  • /enchant fire_2
  • /enchant void_3
  • /enchant updraft_2
  • /enchant critical_strike_1
  • /enchant rapid_regen_2
  • /enchant fire_1
  • /enchant anti_knockback_2
  • /enchant rapid_regen_1
  • /enchant rapid_regen_3
  • /enchant critical_strike_3
  • /enchant shield_gen_1
  • /enchant clingy_2
  • /enchant static_3

Spawn Armor Items Commands

  • /spawn iron_chestplate
  • /spawn juggernaut_chestplate
  • /spawn speed_boots
  • /spawn void_chestplate
  • /spawn void_helmet
  • /spawn diamond_chestplate
  • /spawn leather_boots
  • /spawn juggernaut_helmet
  • /spawn emerald_helmet
  • /spawn void_chestplate
  • /spawn void_boots
  • /spawn emerald_boots
  • /spawn jump_boots
  • /spawn void_helmet
  • /spawn leather_helmet
  • /spawn iron_boots
  • /spawn warrior_chestplate
  • /spawn warrior_boots
  • /spawn juggernaut_boots
  • /spawn void_boots
  • /spawn diamond_helmet
  • /spawn warrior_helmet
  • /spawn leather_chestplate
  • /spawn emerald_chestplate
  • /spawn diamond_boots
  • /spawn iron_helmet

Spawn Ammo Items Commands

  • /spawn firework_arrow
  • /spawn arrow X
  • /spawn boba_pearl
  • /spawn rocket_launcher_missile X
  • /spawn carrot_rocket

Spawn Block Items Commands

  • /spawn wool_purple
  • /spawn smoke_block X
  • /spawn clay_red
  • /spawn marble X
  • /spawn andesite
  • /spawn spruce_log
  • /spawn fisherman_coral X
  • /spawn brick X
  • /spawn emerald_block X
  • /spawn birch_log X
  • /spawn concrete_green
  • /spawn clay_dark_brown
  • /spawn granite_polished
  • /spawn clay_dark_green
  • /spawn clay_light_green
  • /spawn clay_yellow
  • /spawn wool_green
  • /spawn ice X
  • /spawn wood_plank_oak
  • /spawn wood_plank_spruce
  • /spawn stone_brick X
  • /spawn oak_log
  • /spawn apple X
  • /spawn cobblestone X
  • /spawn clay_tan
  • /spawn snow X
  • /spawn clay_light_brown
  • /spawn wool_pink
  • /spawn diamond_block X
  • /spawn wool_yellow
  • /spawn clay_blue
  • /spawn grass X
  • /spawn wool_blue
  • /spawn clay
  • /spawn hickory_log
  • /spawn wool_white
  • /spawn wood_plank_birch
  • /spawn stone X
  • /spawn slate_brick
  • /spawn stone_slab
  • /spawn bedrock
  • /spawn andesite_polished
  • /spawn clay_white
  • /spawn granite
  • /spawn clay_orange
  • /spawn marble_pillar X
  • /spawn ceramic X
  • /spawn sand X
  • /spawn wool_cyan
  • /spawn clay_black
  • /spawn bed X
  • /spawn diorite
  • /spawn dirt X
  • /spawn obsidian X
  • /spawn glass X
  • /spawn wool_red
  • /spawn diorite_polished
  • /spawn clay_gray
  • /spawn slime_block
  • /spawn wool_orange
  • /spawn wood_plank_maple
  • /spawn clay_purple
  • /spawn red_sandstone
  • /spawn clay_pink

Spawn Consumable Items Commands

  • /spawn pie X
  • /spawn apple X

Spawn Currency Commands

  • /spawn emerald X
  • /spawn iron X
  • /spawn diamond X

Spawn Lucky Blocks Commands

  • /spawn lucky_block_trap
  • /spawn lucky_block
  • /spawn purple_lucky_block X

Spawn Miscellaneous Items Commands

  • /spawn teleport_block
  • /spawn cannon
  • /spawn stone_player_block
  • /spawn zipline X
  • /spawn miner_pickaxe
  • /spawn damage_axolotl X
  • /spawn telepearl X
  • /airdrop juggernaut
  • /spawn grappling_hook
  • /spawn jade_hammer
  • /spawn watering_can
  • /spawn void_turret
  • /spawn health_regen_axolotl_X
  • /spawn clone
  • /spawn hammer
  • /spawn stopwatch X
  • /spawn crook
  • /spawn personal_chest
  • /spawn shield
  • /spawn chest
  • /spawn brewing_cauldron
  • /spawn fishing_rod
  • /spawn camera_turret
  • /spawn beehive X
  • /spawn charge_shield
  • /spawn shield_axolotl X
  • /spawn balloon X
  • /spawn void_crystal
  • /spawn broken_enchant_table
  • /spawn ember X
  • /spawn vending_machine
  • /spawn bee X
  • /spawn void_turret_tablet
  • /spawn minicopter
  • /spawn juggernaut_crate X
  • /spawn big_shield
  • /spawn melon_seeds X
  • /spawn raven X
  • /spawn heal_banner
  • /spawn damage_banner
  • /spawn defense_banner
  • /spawn gumdrop_bounce_pad X
  • /spawn thorns
  • /spawn duck_spawn_egg
  • /spawn guitar
  • /spawn melon X
  • /spawn mushrooms
  • /spawn flower
  • /spawn carrot_seeds X
  • /spawn hang_glider
  • /spawn void_portal
  • /spawn tablet
  • /spawn drone
  • /spawn cauldron
  • /spawn enchant_table
  • /spawn turtle_shell
  • /spawn break_speed_axolotl
  • /spawn guided_missile X

Spawn Potion Items Commands

  • /spawn time_bomb_potion
  • /spawn jump_potion
  • /spawn giant_potion
  • /spawn poison_splash_potion
  • /spawn forcefield_potion
  • /spawn speed_potion
  • /spawn smoke_bomb
  • /spawn big_head_potion
  • /spawn mini_shield
  • /spawn heal_splash_potion
  • /spawn shrink_potion
  • /spawn sleep_splash_potion
  • /spawn invisibility_potion

Spawn Throwable Items Commands

  • /spawn large_rock
  • /spawn robbery_ball
  • /spawn smoke_grenade
  • /spawn frosted_snowball
  • /spawn heat_seeking_rock X
  • /spawn swap_ball
  • /spawn santa_bomb
  • /spawn fireball X
  • /spawn lasso X
  • /spawn spirit X
  • /spawn throwing_knife X
  • /spawn snowball X
  • /spawn impulse_grenade
  • /spawn black_hole_bomb
  • /spawn oil_consumable X
  • /spawn throwable_bridge
  • /spawn spear X

Spawn Tool Items Commands

  • /spawn wood_axe
  • /spawn iron_pickaxe
  • /spawn diamond_pickaxe
  • /spawn diamond_axe
  • /spawn grapple_hook
  • /spawn wood_pickaxe
  • /spawn iron_axe
  • /spawn stone_pickaxe
  • /spawn bee_net
  • /spawn stone_pickaxe
  • /spawn portal_gun
  • /spawn metal_detector
  • /spawn shears

Spawn Trap Items Commands

  • /spawn snap_trap X
  • /spawn banana_peel X
  • /spawn tesla_trap X
  • /spawn popup_cube

Spawn Weapon Items Commands

  • /spawn feather_bow
  • /spawn stone_dao
  • /spawn void_axe
  • /spawn rageblade
  • /spawn mass_hammer
  • /spawn wood_crossbow
  • /spawn paint_shotgun
  • /spawn player_vacuum
  • /spawn boba_blaster
  • /spawn scythe
  • /spawn knockback_fish
  • /spawn void_sword
  • /spawn infernal_saber
  • /spawn wood_sword
  • /spawn double_edge_sword
  • /spawn iron_dao
  • /spawn baseball_bat
  • /spawn frying_pan
  • /spawn emerald_sword
  • /spawn wood_bow
  • /spawn vacuum
  • /spawn baguette
  • /spawn diamond_dao
  • /spawn big_wooden_sword
  • /spawn emerald_dao
  • /spawn carrot_cannon
  • /spawn golden_bow
  • /spawn light_sword
  • /spawn stone_sword
  • /spawn bear_claws
  • /spawn invisible_landmine
  • /spawn tnt X
  • /spawn wood_dao
  • /spawn wizard_staff
  • /spawn taser
  • /spawn twirlblade
  • /spawn tactical_crossbow
  • /spawn big_wood_sword
  • /spawn iron_sword
  • /spawn diamond_sword
  • /spawn rocket_launcher
  • /spawn flamethrower
  • /spawn ice_sword
  • /spawn battle_axe

World Spawns Commands

If you use the “inf” modifier will your game crash with these commands, so avoid using it.

  • /spawn dodo_entity X
  • /spawn duck_entity X
  • /spawn beeless_entity X
  • /spawn monster X
  • /spawn monster X
  • /spawn spirit_entity X
  • /spawn ghost X
  • /spawn bee_entity X
  • /spawn beeless_entity X

Want more codes? We have got you covered.

Roblox Bedwars How To Play Commands

Team Generator Roblox Bedwars Command
Team Generator Roblox Bedwars Command

How to play BedWars Roblox game –

  • First Join the Roblox BedWars queue in the Lobby to get a game
  • Then protect your in-game base. Once it is gone, you can actually no longer respawn!
  • Next gather resources to purchase team upgrades and items.
  • Finally, destroy enemy beds and eliminate opponents to win the game!

Bedwars Game Controls Key –

  • E Key: Open Inventory
  • T Key: Use Spray
  • Q Key: Drop item
  • Ctrl Key: Lock camera
  • Shift Key: Sprint

Roblox BedwarsSocial Media

Here are all the Roblox BedWars Social Media Channels, where you will get new commands:

  • Twitter Account: @RobloxBedWars
  • Discord ID: Bedwars
  • Youtube Channel: ——
  • Roblox Group:

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