Get the latest Project Slayers codes, a hugely popular Roblox game. It’s a sprawling adventure game set in the Demon Slayers universe with non-canon characters. Powerful clans make up the combat in the game – there are a huge variety of different clans, spanning from common to mythical.

When looking to get the edge on the opposition in any anime fighting game on Roblox, codes for free spins and resets can be the key to success. Therefore, read on for a list of all the active codes you can redeem in Project Slayers right now, along with redemption instructions and a list of expired codes for ease of reference.

All Project Slayers Codes List

All Codes for Project Slayers (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working Project Slayers codes.

  • 400Klikes—Redeem for spins, demon art spins, and daily spins (New)
  • 400Klikesracereset—Redeem for a Race Reset (New)
  • 400Klikesbreathingreset—Redeem for a Breathing Reset (New)

All expired Project Slayers codes in 2022

These are all the currently expired codes that have been and gone. Once the working codes expire they will be moved here.

Miniupdate330 free Clan Spins, 6 Demon Art Spins, and 1 Daily Spin
MiniUpdate3raceresetRace Reset
Miniupdate3breathingresetBreathing Reset
FlAm3!Shawcas316 free Demon Art Spins, 30 Clan Spins, and 1 Daily Spin 
sorryforshutdowns!10 free demon art spins and 254 free spins
gettingthere! 25 clan spins
FINALLYRELEASETIME!15 clan spins, 120 XP, and 300 wen
werebackup 20 Demon Art spins, 2,000 XP
200k+upvotestysm50 clan spins, 30 demon art spins, and 1,000 free XP
soryagainguys:V75 free spins
miniupdatedailyFree spins
miniupdate Free spins
shutdown! Free spins
shutdownnumb2Free spins
300klikes!Free spins
anotherdayanothershutdownDaily spin and free spins
lastcode?lolFree spins
twittaspins30 spins
sCyth3Showcase!15 spins
350Kupvotes!BreathingResets your breath
350Kupvotes!Free spins

Project Slayers FAQ

How do I use Project Slayers codes?

  • Boot up Project Slayers
  • Go through the tutorial if you haven’t already
  • Tap ‘M’ on your keyboard to bring up the menu
  • Hit the middle button (a book)
  • Type your Project Slayers codes at the bottom

Now that Project Slayers has released, we finally know how to redeem Project Slayers codes. It’s not a straightforward process if you don’t know where to look, but follow along with the steps above and you shouldn’t have any issues.

For an animated look at it, the developers shared this gif of how to redeem Project Slayers codes as well.

How to redeem codes in Project Slayers


Redeeming Project Slayers codes in Roblox can be a real challenge when you don’t know where to look. Thankfully, once you do, they’re relatively easy to put in. However, it should be noted that the codes are case-sensitive and therefore should be put in exactly as written.

  1. Head to the Project Slayers main page on Roblox and launch the game
  2. Play some of the tutorial to get access to the menu
  3. Then, open up the menu which is usually done by pressing ‘M’
  4. Next, click on the book icon
  5. That will bring up a box for you to type in. Put in the code and press Submit Code

How To Get More Project Slayers Codes

Make sure to bookmark this page ahead of the upcoming Project Slayers update 1, we will have the codes ready for you! You can visit the official Discord here (currently full!), as well as the game page and Trello board for updates.

What Are Project Slayers Codes?

Project Slayers codes can be redeemed for free rewards in the game, mostly spins for clans in the game (pretty much the most important part of the game) as well as other resets and rolls. New codes are handed out when there is a big update, shutdown, or when the game has hit a certain milestone. We’re not sure when the next code will be released.

What Is Project Slayers?

Project Slayers is a brand-new anime-themed adventure game that has taken Roblox by storm. It’s developed by ouw0pp and a small team, and it’s based on the Demon Slayer series by Koyoharu Gotouge.

The map is pretty huge with a fast-travel system put in a place to make it easier to get around, there are a variety of weapons (like a Lightning Katana and Demon Weapons), and loads of different breaths (these are abilities, like Water and Thunder breathing), as well as a clan system that dictates your style of play.

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